Environmental Protection

Pursuant to our "ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY CULTURE", we commit to fulfill the responsibilities of our part in terms of pollution prevention and continuous improvement, to carry on activities in accordance with environmental standards, legal legislations and administrative regulations at our production plants and starting from the supply chain at all steps of the production processes and lifelong usage of our products.

We focus on areas that will MAKE A DIFFERENCE in our company such as,

  • Energy efficient machine utilization,
  • Energy efficiency,
  • Waste minimization,
  • Resource saving

during our daily work.

Our principles while we plan the future of our company, as part of ENVIRONMENT ORIENTED consideration:

  • Environmental protection and renewal,
  • Waste and pollutant minimization, resource saving and recycling at all steps of the product lifecycle,
  • Continuous awareness raising of our employees and stakeholders in terms of environmental protection and encouraging their participation,
  • Minimizing the emission of pollutants by making innovations in line with technological developments,
  • Implementation of environmental law and regulations with the support of relevant governmental institutions,
  • Constant assessment of the impact of our products and activities in line with our objective of continuous improvement.

Renewable energy sources that we use at our facilities stand by our environmental commitment by contributing to the issues of reducing global warming, protection of clean air and eliminating our country’s dependency to fossil fuels that are imported.