Software Applications

The following applications have been developed and brought to the use of experts of the field and engineers by Samsun Makina Sanayi. Applications can be downloaded for free.


Calculation of Loss of Pressure at Pipelines Application

This application is used to calculate pressure loss due to friction that water creates as it moves through pipes with various diameter and pressure classes. The total pressure loss according to the type of pipe that is selected and total amount of water to be transported (lit/sec, m3/h) is calculated and the application provides an option to modify pipe diameter and pressure class according to the result.

Support Blocks and Restricted Joints Design Application

This application is designed in order to make it possible to design “Support Blocks” and “Restricted Joints” components, which are used to prevent failure due to articulation components, which redirect water-carrying pipes at geographic route changes, according to the system data. The program takes operating pressure, pipe types, turning angle etc. as data and calculates component parameters.

Control with Respect to External Load Application

Pipes have a certain deflection according to the amount of external load they are under. For every pressure and diameter class, ductile pumps can safely deflect to an extent that is specified. This application is used to calculate the deflection of a pipe according to the traffic load it is under and the soil and gutter type it is built on and determine whether if it can withstand that deflection.