Split Case Double Suction Centrifugal Pump


  • High ability of suction with double suction fan design,
  • Long life of bearings due to the axial loads balancing each other,
  • Shortening maintenance time by removing only the cover rather than removing the pump from the pipeline,
  • Consuming minimum energy by facilitating high efficiency,
  • Silent operation,
  • Double volute design for the use of low radial forces, which are higher than 100 mWc manometric head.


Applied Standards

Design ISO 9905
Flange Diameters EN 1092-2
ISO 7005-2
BS 4504
DIN 2501
Coating DIN 30677
Test ISO 2548 Class C
EN ISO 9906


Flow Rate

Flow Rate 30 l/s – 3000 l/s


Manometric Head

Manometric Head 10 mWc – 180 mWc



Speed 3000 rpm
1500 rpm
1000 rpm
750 rpm
600 rpm



Casting DI Casting, GJS-400.15 / GJS-500.7, EN 1563 (GGG40-50, DIN 1693)
Stainless Steel Casting, AISI 304-316 (optional)
Impeller Bronze, GBzSnPb4 or Stainless Steel Casting, AISI304, AISI316
Sealing Ring Bronze, GBzSnPb4,
AISI 304-316
Shaft Stainless steel, 1.4021 (X20Cr13), AISI 304-316
Shaft Bush Stainless Steel Casting, AISI 304
Cover Sealing Ring Bronze, GBzSnPb4
Stainless Steel Casting, AISI 316
Seal Graphite or Teflon packing
Mechanical seal (optional)
Bolts & Nuts Galvanized steel, quality 8.8
Stainless steel, quality A2 (optional)
Internal-External Coating RAL 5010 blue epoxy coating,
Other RAL colors (optional)


Technical Documents
Split Case Pumps (2,4 MB)
Performance Curves (9,3 MB)
Operation and Maintenance Guide (1,7 MB)