Air Relief Valve


  • Ensuring huge amount of air relief while filling pipeline with water,
  • Providing huge amount of air entrance while pipeline discharging,
  • Releasing bubbles that comes with fluid dynamic operation conditions,
  • Protection against self-locking by huge amount of air relief,
  • Kinetic type with single ball, dynamic type with single ball, combined with dual orifice type, and dual ball self-valve are types of air relief valves depending on their place of use.


Applied Standards

Flange Dimensions EN 1092-2
ISO 7005-2
BS 4504
DIN 2501
Coating DIN 30677
Test EN 12266
EN 1074-1 & -4


Pressure Classes and Diameters

Single Ball DN50 - DN100 mm
Dual Ball DN50 - DN300 mm
Single Ball DN50 - DN250 mm


Test Pressures (according to EN 12266)

  PN10 PN16 PN25
Seat (bar) 11 18 27,5
Body (bar) 17 25 37,5



Body DI casting, GJS-400.15 / GJS-500.7, EN 1563 (GGG40 – 50, DIN 1693)
Obturator DI casting, GJS-400.15 / GJS-500.7, EN 1563 (GGG40 – 50, DIN 1693)
Ball float & Ball Rigid plastic / Perspex –ABS
Natural rubber, St37 - EPDM
(Bronze sealing ring – optional)
Sealing Ring Natural rubber, EPDM or NBR.
Air Relief Valve Bronze, GBzSnPb4.
Stud & Bolts & Nuts Galvanized steel, quality 8.8
Internal-External Coating Blue electrostatic epoxy powder coating RAL 5010.