Sardinia Island (Italy)

Approximately 6 km of ductile iron pipes in the DN200-DN1200 diameter range shipped for the island of Sardinia, located in the west of the main peninsula of Italy, and the installation of the fittings and valves of these pipes have been completed.

Sonede Sfax Project (Tunus)

Shipment and installation of DN1600, DN1400, DN800, DN600 pipes within the scope of TUNUS SONEDE SFAX project continues. There are also pipes with locked connections and specially coated pipes among the shipped pipes.

Balıkesir Central D2 Reservoir Main Pipe Network Displacement Project

Balıkesir Water and Sewerage Management (BASKI) Balıkesir Central D2 Reservoir Main Pipe Network Displacement Project is continuing.

Samsun Makina Sanayi A.Ş. Moved to its New Building.

Samsun Makina Sanayi A.Ş has moved to its new building, which is built by itself and has a construction area of 2200 m2, consisting of 7 floors, as of July 2019.

Samsun Makina Sanayi A.Ş. Golden Sponsor

Samsun Makina Sanayi A.Ş, as a golden sponsor, contributed to the 3rd International Water and Health Congress held in Manavgat / ANTALYA.

Visit of SASKİ General Manager to our Adana Factory.

SASKİ (Sakarya) Water Sewerage Administration General Manager Mr. Dr. İlyas Demirci and Planning and Investment Head Mr. Hüseyin CİNAL visited our Adana Factory.

Dikili (İzmir) Central Drinking Water Construction Project

Manufacturing and construction works continue within the scope of İzmir Water and Sewerage Administration General Directorate (İZSU) Dikili District Central Drinking Water Construction.

Kerkük Water Project

Shipments of DN1500 and DN1200 pipes within the scope of the KERKÜK WATER PROJECT in IRAQ are ongoing. Within the scope of the project, there are also pipes with retaining rings.

Karadere (Bolu) Drinking Water Project

Within the scope of D.S.İ.- BOLU KARADERE DRINKING WATER FACILITIES PROJECT, delivery of ductile pipes with the diameter of DN600 and DN800 continues.


Shipment of DN1600 and DN1400 pipes within the scope of part 1 of the tender by SONEDE / TUNISIA has been completed. The scope of the tender includes special coated and anchored type pipes.

Putignano Project (Italy)

The shipment of DN400 wastewater pipes ordered within the scope of the Putignano Project (Italy) has been completed.

Shipments by Sea

As Samsun Makina, shipments to many countries of the world are successfully made by sea.